Why our campaign is so dangerous and why you shouldn’t be surprised if the Establishment decides to retaliate at the highest levels.

I believe that the exposure of our story and the current investigation of potential criminal misconduct of Ministers and MP’s across all parties by Scotland Yard, including Gavin Williamson and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in relation to alleged deliberate failures and a cover up of bullying, physical and sexual violence leading to harms and numerous suicides in schools, is going to uncover some unpalatable truths. Families across the UK, that have had children harmed or lost as a result of the alleged actions and omissions of people in positions of power, will have every right to demand justice and that could cost reputations, positions and careers.

All the evidence points to a potential deliberate cover up of this problem by Government spanning over decades, certainly in the UK, but this is also a pattern repeated globally in many countries, where potentially it has been deemed that keeping the issue hidden, is preferable to the cost of addressing it. When wilful choices have been made that arguably have cost many lives, then it’s possible that the actions of those who have wilfully allowed this, will in some cases be deemed to be criminal and worthy of condemnation and punishment.

The truth is, the facts bear this out, the story and message is credible and cannot be simply dismissed. Therefore the only way that this message can ever be discredited or destroyed, is to try and discredit or destroy the messenger.

There are two ways to do that, to either get rid of or smear the messenger or, the campaign group itself. The reality is, that as the campaign lead and the individual that holds the key to so much potential wrongdoing and failure being exposed, I know that if my life was to end for any reason it would make things much easier for so many people in power.

Other than physically curtailing what I’m doing, in order to stop me sharing the truth, which is a possibility I know I cannot just simply dismiss, then a coordinated smear campaign of lies and disinformation about myself or the campaign group, promulgated by powerful people and institutions with the help of the Mainstream media, would no doubt have a similar if not more powerful effect.

The shocking nature of this story, means that much of the public, when faced with the facts, struggle to accept the reality. That makes it so much easier for them to choose to accept anything that the Mainstream media says, even if deep down they know it’s not true. For both these potential outcomes, I am fully prepared and will not let fear or anything else stop me .

Ultimately I don’t hold any fear, I don’t believe the end of my life or whatever damage lies and disinformation can do, will ever be enough to cover up the truth of what has been happening to our children in schools.

The facts are now out there and if people want the truth, it’s available throughout this site, also through video’s posted across all platforms as well as other online information exposing the truth that can easily be searched for and found. On top of that, there are numerous Mainstream media reports on the story, that were reported up until the misconduct began to be exposed and began to become an issue. Most significantly anyone can make a FOI request for the official records and much of the evidence held by the London Metropolitan Police against Government, that would confirm everything that I say to be based on truth.

Whatever happens to me now and even if there is any such plan being put in place to try and silence me, I have faith in God and faith in the families within our campaign, as well as the British public and others that are out there, that knowing the story, as well as the facts about their children and what is happening in schools to be true, will never remain silent and simply allow the truth to ever disappear.

Jason Barnett

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