The death of Shukri Abdi

Recently a 12 year old refugee girl from Somalia lost her life, tragically drowned in what her family believed was an incident related to bullying at her school. The saddest part of this story is that her Mother has said that she had raised concerns on a number of occasions about bullying and asked for information and feedback on her concerns so that she could better protect her child from harm in the future.

Those concerns were never addressed in any way by the school according to the Abdi family, as a consequence this young girl lost her life as a potential consequence of the same flaws in the system that Ministers and MP’s have been consistently informed are likely to result in loss of life if left unaddressed.

What has happened to Shukri Abdi has destroyed a family and broken a community and the system that has failed Shukri and has and is potentially failing so many other children and their families across the UK, needs to be investigated and the flaws addressed so that this can never happen to any other child again.

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