Gavin Williamson: Allegations of Misconduct in Public Office being assessed by the London Metropolitan Police after children’s deaths.

We were due to launch the next part of our campaign last month which was a video update and then a letter campaign to Ministers and MP’s and have had to delay that as well as our formal call to Government for a Public Inquiry.

The main reason is that allegations in relation to our case are now under Assessment/ Initial Investigation by the London Metropolitan Police and have been since 20/11/2020. This is in relation to the alleged failure of Government and primarily Gavin Williamson, to look into evidence of Government failings and a potential cover up by a number of Ministers and MP’s in relation to bullying physical and sexual violence complaints in schools, that it is alleged have resulted in the suicides of numerous children and serious harms being inflicted on many more. The complaint is one of Misconduct in Public Office. an indictable criminal offence, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Originally the Met had immediately dismissed the complaint through the office of the Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, as having not met the threshold for this particular crime. The decision was changed days later, after further communications from us and the complaint will now be assessed by the Central Specialist Crime unit, after we have sent further evidence in addition to what they already have.

What this means is that we now need to be very careful what goes out publicly over the coming weeks, at least while assessments and any investigations take place and as mentioned a delay in the launch of the next part of the campaign. That doesn’t stop work privately but just ensures that nothing jeopardises the case until we’re certain what we can and cannot say.

It is possible that the wheels have been set in motion to avoid as much embarrassment for the Establishment as is possible to ensure that a prominent member of Government is not in that position when the inevitable story breaks of the potential cover up of such horrific crimes that would destroy the trust of the public in realising how people in positions of Government and power are capable of acting and not being held to account.

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