A British Pandemic (Short Film Release) – Bullying, physical and sexual violence in UK Schools –

As a parent, what lengths would you go to, to protect your child from harm? How would you feel if your child was a victim of bullying physical or sexual violence in school and that information was kept from you?

With children returning back to schools across the UK, we released this short film last week, as we are continuing the fight to raise awareness and sound the alarm as to the dangers all children are in, as a result of policies that allow Violence in schools to be covered up. This is something that needs to be addressed urgently with statistics showing violence increasing in schools year upon year and them having to deal with all the potential issues they will face after lockdown that this system is going to allow to be covered up and only exposed when its too late and something goes badly wrong

This is the story of how over a hundred families who’s children have been harmed or lost to suicide after violence in UK schools exposed the system and fought to hold Gavin Williamson and the Government to account, to ensure the solutions they have discovered are put in place, to better protect every child in Britain and how we are now calling for a Public Inquiry so that lessons are learnt to ensure that no lives are unnecessarily lost in the future.

We’ll be doing everything we can to keep building pressure on Government to put in place policies to ensure all children will be safer. We’re ensuring the British public can all play their part by showing support for our campaign simply by leaving a comment On the YouTube video which you can access below.

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