The ‘Fight for the Fatherless’ is simply an idea. It’s not an organisation or a charity but a Jesus inspired movement, dedicated to inspire and encourage some of the world’s most vulnerable children, especially the orphaned and fatherless.

As a Christian and the founder of that movement, I am also active in fighting and advocating for changes to laws and legislation that will best protect ALL children. That’s where ‘Fight for the Fatherless In Action’, alongside others will allow me to do just that and through the power of God, do what many believe to be impossible, and in doing so, inspire others to stand up for our children and do the impossible too.

The world at the moment is broken but the solution isn’t complicated. Loving God, loving people and the protection of the most vulnerable, especially children is the foundation for a society that works, and until globally we grasp that and start putting children first, then we’ll watch as the world becomes more and more lost.

This site will aim to raise awareness about how things are being challenged, with the first aim to end bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools across the UK and then ultimately worldwide, to bring our children and all of us hope.

Jason Barnett – Founder of ‘Fight for the Fatherless’. 

School Violence – A British Pandemic – Movie

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As a parent, what lengths would you go to, to protect your child from harm? How would you feel if your child was a victim of bullying physical or sexual violence in school and that information was kept from you?

This short 13 minute video story will tell the truth, of how the law allows this to happen everyday in schools and the simple steps you as a parent can now take to prevent a tragedy happening to your child. Please share this, comment and get involved in getting this story out there and helping us build pressure on Government to change policies to save lives.

Dispatches – Exposing the scandal of bullying and violence in schools

Brian Gerrish from UK Column in an interview with Jason Barnett from Fight for the Fatherless in Action, asks the questions that the Mainstream Media have failed to. Why when multiple children are harmed through bullying and violence at school, many to the point of suicide, will those MPs, official authorities and charities charged with the responsibility to keep them safe not act?

Also available at UK Column Website

Safer Schools Campaign UK – The Road to Parliament

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As a former Teacher/ Behaviour Manager with over 20 years experience in UK schools and Pupil Referral Units, one of the current campaigns I’m involved in, aims to address the issue of bullying and violence being covered up in schools, leading over 100 families from across the UK who have lost children to suicide or had children seriously harmed in schools.

As part of the campaign, since 2015, I have written to over 1000 Individuals in positions of power including the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Education and Shadow Education Secretaries and Ministers, the Children’s Commissioner for England, as well as over 650 MP’s.

As part of the campaign, I have also written to leaders across the world, to raise awareness of how vulnerable children are potentially being failed by flawed systems, not just in the UK but internationally across the globe.

As a result, a meeting was eventually agreed upon in Parliament, with families attending from across the UK to meet with Ministers and MP’s- Jason Barnett

The Story

As the founder of the Fight for the Fatherless, I was fortunate to be born into a supportive family in the UK, loved and cared for by both parents and brought up with the knowledge that I was created and therefore loved and valued by God. Unfortunately growing up I was subjected to many instances of Racism and violence.

As a consequence I left home at 15 and knew that at this point my life was beginning to and could have spiralled completely out of control but it was over the next few years that various Role models reinforced how valuable I was especially to God consistently encouraging me and giving me hope that I’d achieve great things. This was the key to saving my life and eventually helping me to fulfil my potential and become a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion.

I was determined that  I would be that voice and Father – figure for others and so for over 20 years I was committed to working with children and specifically those, who for many tragic reasons, may have lost one or both parents or who at some point, have suffered the trauma of a disconnection with a parent or parents for various reasons.

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