Get involved in our call for a public inquiry into bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools.

Our campaign connected to more than 150 families across the UK, has consistently stated, based on the face of evidence accepted in the High court, that UK schools may not be the safest place for every child to be. This due to extreme levels of bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools, together with a Government safeguarding system, that has consistently failed to protect children from harm.

Despite our campaign and an increasing number of related suicides and harms that have affected our families, Government and Ministers have continually failed to investigate the issues, despite damning criticisms in the High court regarding their failures to do so.
Where they and the media don’t want to ask questions and draw attention to the problems, the opposite is true of parents/carers and advocates. That’s why our campaign is now choosing to place the power into the public’s hands, to help ensure that we are successful in our quest for a public inquiry.

We want anyone who is passionate about children being safe in school, to help in our call for a UK-wide public inquiry. Social media can be great but when it comes to getting people to take action, rather than just spectate, there’s nothing better than engaging with others in the community and sharing your passion face to face.

To do this we’ve made things as easy as possible. We’ve produced the postcard (pictured below), that can be used as a tool to point people to our story. The postcard highlights the call for an inquiry and points people to the website . There they can watch the short video story of the call for a public inquiry and contact their MP asking for their support.
If you would like to be involved you can either go straight to the site, follow the instructions and contact your MP (don’t forget to let us know on Social media if you’ve done this and the name of your MP). Or if you would like to be more involved and order postcards, please get in touch, through the contact form on this site, or email or direct message or comment on any of our ‘Fight for the Fatherless in Action’ social media, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you in advance for your support

Jason Barnett –

Safer Schools Campaign