Parents reach out from across the UK as Authorities and those in power refuse to listen.

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore and make excuses for Individuals, when Parents across the UK continue to make contact with the campaign in relation to cases and stories of how their own children have been seriously hurt in schools and even suffered tragic loss of life, with the parents adamant that their safeguarding concerns and complaints of violence and bullying leading up to the incidents were dismissed, without any investigation by the authorities or those responsible for their children’s safety.

Many of these parents are expressing their frustrations that in twenty first century Britain, they have no one in Authority they feel they can turn to help keep their children safe. From the authorities to charities, to elected representatives, how does it end up where the only support is coming from an individual campaign that is willing to highlight a problem that so many others it seems, would prefer to ignore.

Together we’ll fight for the changes that these families and more importantly all children deserve and continue to build a network and community that demands answers from our elected representatives as to how many more children, they will allow to be hurt before they act to address flaws in a system that they accept has failed to keep children safe from harm already.

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