Safer Schools Campaign UK

The Safer Schools campaign is a national campaign group connected to over 150 UK families, that have lost children to suicide or had children suffer serious harm due to bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools.

As part of the campaign, since 2015, we have written to over 1500 Individuals in positions of power including Prime Ministers, Education and Shadow Education Secretaries and Ministers, Children’s Commissioners, Teaching union bosses as well as over 650 MP’s.

As part of the campaign, we have also written to leaders across the world, to raise awareness of how vulnerable children are potentially being failed by flawed systems, not just in the UK but internationally across the globe.

Our campaign over the years has led to meetings in Parliament and eventually to a hearing in the High Court, where complaints of a deliberate failure of the Education Secretary to investigate the issues were heard.

The High Court findings that determined that on the face of the evidence, the failure of any Minister or MP to ever investigate the issues, demonstrated “tremendous incompetence” in turn supported an official call the campaign then made to Ministers and MPs for a public inquiry.

To get involved in ensuring a public inquiry takes place visit the page here where you can find out how to get involved in your local community, or how to contact your MP and ask for them to support one