Write to your MP to ask them to attend the Safer Schools Campaign meeting in Parliament.

Follow the instructions to write to your MP to support the Campaign.

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Email Header : Meeting in Parliament to prevent children being lost to suicide, or being seriously harmed as a consequence of bullying and violence complaints being ignored in schools.


On Friday Oct 25th 2019, Parents and families from across the UK, that had lost children to suicide or had children seriously harmed, as a consequence of failures to address bullying and violence complaints in schools, launched a Safer schools campaign at Leeds Town Hall.

The Campaign group includes over 100 families, at least 15 of those having tragically lost children as a consequence of failings of policies and procedures to deal with bullying and violence complaints in schools, with those numbers rising week on week. As part of the campaign, 20 Ministers and MP’s were personally invited to hear evidence from the families and sadly all either declined the invitation or failed to reply at all .

On Tuesday February 25th 2020, we will now present that case in Parliament. A number of Ministers and MP’s have already agreed to meet with the campaign group and I am now inviting you as my Local MP to also be there in Parliament to hear our case. 

The case for change is straight forward. Currently we have in place laws and policies to protect all adults from bullying and violence in every workplace, the group believes that all children across the UK should be afforded the same protections in schools. .

The proposed changes to laws and policies that the group are calling for to protect children from bullying and violence in schools will ensure;

#1 Schools must all follow a National Code of Conduct/Practice for dealing with bullying and violence complaints.

#2 Schools must follow their written Bullying Policies by law

#3 Schools must record all incidents of Bullying and violence brought to their attention.

#4 All decisions in relation to Bullying and violence complaints must be appealable to at least one other independent body above the school and Governors.

#5 Details of outcomes of any bullying and violence complaints must be made available to the complainant from schools, Local Authorities, School Inspection bodies and Government Education departments.

I am now asking you to make a commitment to be there, to ensure that you have all the information you would need, to be in a position to ensure that no family in your constituency, ever has to face the loss of a child or have their child harmed in the future, as a result of the failure to put the appropriate policies and safeguards in place. 

Yours sincerely