3. Making a difference: How together we can give the Fatherless a better future

Ending the reliance on For profit businesses

Understanding that there are many tragic reasons why a child might lose or become disconnected with a parent or parents and as a consequence have their lives turned upside down, it’s now understood that these children are then forced to face many issues, including rejection, abandonment, neglect and abuse. This can then lead to involvement in a system of care and support, that adds to that injustice, by offering to provide for them but only on condition of making profit.

Fortunately I’ve seen that in many cases, even the most horrendous start in life for a vulnerable child, can be remedied by giving them a sense of value and the love and care that they deserve. Working with vulnerable children, I have often experienced and shared many of their personal stories and journeys from often the most horrendous starts in life imaginable to the highs of seeing them fulfill all of their hopes and dreams. I have seen the most successes and joys through working through non profit organizations, where every conversation, thought and action takes place in the best interests of the child. Conversely, I have experienced the damaging consequences of working in a system, where prioritizing profit comes at the expense of everything from the children’s safety, quality of provision, education and many other aspects of their care.

I have witnessed various abuses within the for-profit system over the last few years, and have experienced the complete breakdown and failure of a system charged with but unable to regulate these abuses. Abuses that are susceptible to continue as long as profit-making remains part of the equation. Having now spoken with and researched the work of various individuals, including academics, journalists and activists from all over the world, it is clear that this is not an isolated problem but a global issue.

I have seen first hand the dysfunction, violence and consequences for everyone, that can result from a failure to give care and a sense of value to these children in the short term and see evidence of disastrous consequences if such failures are allowed to play out over time.

Counting the cost for society

As a vulnerable child, imagine the pain of dealing with the initial sense of injustice that circumstances have thrown at you, in that for whatever reason you may have lost or become disconnected with a parent or parents. The least you would wish for, is that society would work to restore some semblance of balance to your life, through the care and support you inevitably now need and deserve. Imagine the emotional damage that would inevitably occur in allowing children to be placed into a system that now seeks to profit from their circumstances instead of prioritizing provision of the remedy. How could you ever develop a sense of giving back to society, when society has seemingly done nothing but take from you. How could you ever develop the mindset of wanting to serve those within your community instead of choosing to live a life where you take from those same communities, whenever you can.

I agree that there are many things companies should be able to profit from, but to do so as a result of the tragic circumstances of these children has to be wrong, while the potential cost to society of this practice failing, is far too high. Profiting from the pain and suffering of children, is a practice I would like to see ended in every country around the world. This can be achieved by the implementation of laws that simply make this illegal.

Our Responsibility to achieve long term solutions.

As a society it is imperative that we see these children and the restoration and care of them as the responsibility of every single citizen. Not just an idea of responsibility but a movement that actually plays out through practical acts of compassion and care delivered by every community and organization charged with that duty. Communities that are willing and able to offer all the care and support that any fully functioning natural family structure ever could. We need to encourage organisations that can be seen and embraced by the children as guardians pursuing them and their best interests without the need for financial incentives through a desire to do so out of compassion and a sense of responsibility rather than a desire to profit.

Some of the greatest potential to contribute to a better world is wrapped up in the stories of some of the most damaged children. The resilience and determination they have demonstrated throughout their lives to just have survived thus far, despite the turmoil and challenges they’ve been through, is indicative of extra-ordinary individuals with extra-ordinary character, spirit and ability. To have those abilities channeled towards doing good rather than evil, through the simple act of caring, gives all of society access to the best of these children and in turn these children access to the best of all society.

My desire is to bring out the best in every child, by demonstrating to them that they are valued, not because they bring value, but simply because they have value I am absolutely certain that as we raise a new generation of restored children we will see a complete turnaround of many of the problems we see in our world today and consequently see the changes in society that we hope would make for a much brighter future for us all. This is not just a dream, I believe this is truly a reality just waiting for right action in order to happen.

What can you do to make a difference?

At this stage all I would ask of you is that you consider sharing this information, by doing so you can help be a voice for these children and raise awareness, making others aware of their plight and putting further pressure on individual decision makers in each country to make the right moral and ethical choice. Lastly I would ask that you keep these children and the Fight for the Fatherless in your thoughts and prayers, as together we work towards doing everything possible to change legislation and consequently their lives for the better.